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Our Home Schooling Project.

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Our homeschoollers in action.

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General Comments.

It is something very special to be able to have a part to play in the education of your grandchildren. In my case, art!

Below you will find the work of four of my granddaughters working within the Homeschool environment. We started off with a collage of pictures brought together unto one canvas to test the creativity of their minds.

We continued to study some famous artists, incorporating to learn how to set up a painting, composition, color-mixing and how to work with oils. Also sketching with pencil and charcoal was an important part of the studies. Perspective and shadow application is also something we encounter regularly.

Scrolling down, you will see a selection of paintings from each student in a variety of their expressions mixed with a collection of exercises after famous painters.

Design and Print

During the process we temporarely moved at times from oil painting to design, cutting templates and screen printing.
At the bottom of the page are some examples of painting behind perspex and personal designs printed out on t-shirts.
Currently we are back at painting on canvas and sketching.

Please enlarge the page/picture with your browser/zoom facility if so desired.



Marieta's imaginative world.


Marieta Marieta, born in 1997 and made her first painting when she was twelve. She is a girl with a vivid imagination and determination which shows in her paintings. Over time she developed a flair for a spontaneous type of painting, combining that with her determent nature she could be doing very well into that direction. She has found her way in the job-market now, but we keep some of her work on this page.


 Marieta's Artwork


Sunset. oil on canvas.


Morning haze. Oil on canvas.

morning haze

 Seascape in oil on canvas.


 Landscape-study of Paul Cezanne in oil on panel.






Renee's Artwork.


 Renee, born in 1999, loves colors and manages to use them generally very effectively.
Over time she developed an interest in decorative realism, sketching with charcoal and pencil, which combines perfectly with her observant nature.


 Finished! 19/12/2014.
The challenge with this painting was to move from instead a 15 inch canvas to a 40 inch workspace.
Add to that the fairly complicated design that Renee had in mind and you have created a huge challenge which she flawlessly conquered. It might be hard for her to go back to smaller sizes.


 studio painting

 Studio picture

 studio painting

 Her own eye-Charcoal




 Anatomy foot-study pencil


 Landscape-study pencil


 Watercolour Hobbiton

 Watercolour Hobbiton

 Landscape-study of Paul Cezanne in oil on panel.


 Stillife-study of Paul Cezanne in oil on panel.


 Monet-study in oil on canvas.





Elena's art expression.



  Elena, born in 2001 is finding her own way of expressing herself in a very personal way. She does certainly not lag behind performance-wise. She enjoys painting with oils and has progressed rapidly into a style of her own, which shows clearly in her latest painting studies.



 Hill Farm/oil.

 elena farm



 Miniture snow landscape/oil.

 elena rose




 elena clouds



 Rose-Study charcoal

 elena rose



 Eye charcoal study

 elena eye



 Angels acrylic


 Hobbiton watercolour






 Monet-study in oil on canvas.




  Mereana was born in 2004 and the most recent addition to our Homeschooling-painting activities.

She is a very keen and ambitious young lady and sets high standards for herself. She is the youngest one of the sisters but is determent to do her own thing and go her own way.





 Clown print.






 Portrait of Granddad.


 Shadow study with ball.


 House in the hills.


 Elephants Acrylic





Mereana's cat Lottie.

 Mereana's cat


Strong Man.

 Mereana's abstract


Painting behind Perspex.



Painted by our youngest student Mereana (7 years old)

Renee's (13) handy-work.

Elena 10) decided to paint a white rose..

Marieta (15) loves painting


Marieta (15)


Screen-Printing Samples




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