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It all started in April 2015 when my lovely wife Ria was diagnosed of having cancer. The world seemingly spun around in the opposite direction when the surgeon gave the bad verdict and our private world seemed to be muddled up in confusion and unbelief.

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 04/2015





" Adjusting"

It is in situations like these that our foundations get tested and soon we rediscovered our values, place of refuge and resting-place, the center-core of our lives, our faith in Father.

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 04/2015





" Identified."

When the scans were done the real extend of the disease revealed itself. An agressive cancer which needed operating on as soon as possible.
Waiting for hours and contemplating the possible outcome was a mentally draining process followed by nursing and struggling with the induced weakness.

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 04/2015




Surrounding support?

" Surrounding Support"

It is at times like these where the support of family and close friends becomes evident.
The healing function of positively surrounding loved ones is like many shoulders making a seemingly heavy load lighter and very meaningful.

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 05/2015


Surrounding Support-Video


Covering Prayers

"Covering Prayers"

Many prayers were showered upon our situation, and the prayer-need was swamped by many prayers from all around the globe.
Unnoticed like silent butterfies or leaves softly dropping on a still autumn day but with a deafening effectiveness. Something very humbling.

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 06/2015


Covering Prayers-Video


Chemo treatment

"Chemo Treatment."

Then every three weeks the Chemo. Six times.
One can see the fluid poison go into the person and the result is devastating and visible in all the frontiers of the human being's existance.
The process is hard to describe, but one cannot remove himself from the impression that it is a kind of thorough scientific mathematical process, disrespectful of anything that gets in its way, the bad as well as the good.

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 07/2015


Chemo Treatment-Video




Then the constant battle for endurance. How long can one hold up without collapsing or surrendering to the situation. Yes, we know we have the Light above us and therefore can walk our way with a multicolored optimism, beating down the black wall below us to pieces until nothing is left.
Physically many things have changed dramatically.
Hair has gone and we have to fight for our dignity to keep our personality high up there. Still believing.

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 09/2015






The hour of truth when facing the Oncologist again with the latest results.
We walked in a state of rest in the knowledge of being in Fathers hand and when the verdict was; "We cannot find any trace of cancer anymore", one cannot go past Him from whom all blessings flow!
We are not there yet. Much still has to recover to its normal state and we will still have our difficult days but the dark life-threatening cloud has gone. Praise the Lord!

Medium original: Oil-pastel on canvas: © 11/2015




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