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Gallery Prayer 02




"Hannah's Prayer "

inspired by:

1 Samuel 1 vs 20

...And the Lord remembered her...

Empty arms, a seemingly impenetrable heaven. Hannah's tears have been raining down for years firtelising the dry prayer ground. Her hands lifted up to the heavens offering desperate prayers to the Almighty.
Does God not seem to hear prayers?.

Size original:
76 cm x 92 cm,
30 x 36 inches
Medium original:
Oil on canvas





Struggeling with today's attitude of the church as a whole. This is a snapshot of my "Sunday experience" as an intercessor in relation to my church family.

Size original:
80 x 100 cm,
32 x 40 inches
Medium original:
Oil on canvas

(Artist's collection)









Rising above the struggles of the previous day, handing back the burdens and receiving release and liberty. Peace can settle!

Size original:
80 x 100,
32 x 40 inches
Medium original:
Oil on canvas

(Artist's collection)



intercessory prayer 

"Intercessory Prayer"

A substitutional prayer, that can put light and power into a dark life or situation. The light and fragrance of His Spirit will penetrate the dark chambers of someone's life or situation. It is only Him who does the ministry!

Size original:
100 x 120 cm,
39 x 47 inches
Medium original:
Oil on canvas

Monsma's expressionist Christian art......
painting the unseen!

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