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1 Timothy 3
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Prodigals 2
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Song of Songs
Lord's Prayer
Revelation 3
Revelation 2
Revelation 1
Prayer 2
Prayer 1
Psalms 4
Psalms 3
Psalms 2
Psalms 1
4 Women
Early Church


Contact Artist-Painter:

Cornelis Monsma
164 Newcastle Road
New Zealand
Mobile: +64 +27 8478819




We are delighted to advise German and Romanian based clients that ALTO ART EUROPA is our legal representative.

We recommend ALTO ART EUROPA for the sales of our Original Oil Paintings and the distribution and application of Digital Art-Images on a wide variety of materials and surfaces.

For enquiries please use the CONTACT-Page: Alto Art Europa

Our North American Representative Gallery

White Stone Gallery

We like to advise our U.S.A. and Canada based clients and collectors, to visit or contact our professional representative gallery for information, pricing of originals and general details.

Commissioning of work and original art business related enquiries within North America will be exclusively handled by White Stone Gallery, (formerly Lime Street Gallery.)

Giclee re-prints can be ordered directly from the artist's website.
(See Prints Page.)

We are proud to have White Stone Gallery representing our business and showing a choice selection of our fine art.

White Stone Gallery
1817 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19125 267.455.0559

Exhibitions, shows and what not more!

There used to be a list of exhibits in this particular spot, but I deleted them. I decided to do without them and trust that you the viewer can make up your mind about the quality of my work by yourself and not influenced by the milestones and achievements of the artist.

I just aim to share my work and the blessing within it with the viewer by the use of my online gallery and allow the wider public a chance to catch a glimpse of what my work is all about.

Has this stance influenced my sales and profile? Possibly it has. On the other hand I have many high profile clients all over the world but do I want to use their names to puff up myself in order to get a more favorable profile?

I could say, the Vatican uses my images and bought some of my work, which is true. Or I could mention that my work has been on the covers of many prolific magazines, books and web sites.
Would that prompt you to buy my work as well?
The Vatican bought my work because they, most likely, saw spiritual value in it and that's how I like it.

In the absence of a list of high profile exhibitions and clients, I want to challenge you to base your opinion on what you see or like and whether you are blessed by it. To me that's the criteria. Not milestones!
At the end of the day I simply exercise a given talent.

Cornelis Monsma

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