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Confused Adjusted Identified Surrounding Support Covering Prayers Chemo Treatment Enduring Healed

Timothy 3

Manifested Justified Seen Preached Believed Received

Gallery 2014/01

continuous prayers His Birth His Death His resurrection His ascention His Return Divine Order Promise No Darkness Beautiful Feet

Gallery 2012/05

First-Last Last-First Hidden The Intercessor2 First Light Brooding Spirit Valuable Knowledge Offering Heavyness Spirit Fire

Gallery 2012/04

Emptied Lingering Spirit Be Still Keep Gracious Peace Separate Burning Bush

Gallery 2012/03

Praise The Day Search Me Secret Place Precious_thoughts You know me Hedged_in Presence

Gallery 2012/02

 Filled Increasing Knowledge Strengthened Inheretance  Children of the light  Act of Deliverance Pre Eminence Indwelling Fullness Full Life Predented Perfectly Christ in you

Gallery 2012/01

A time to be born A time to kill A time to dance A time to embrace A time to search Time to tear apart  Time for peace

Gallery 2011/02

Mary Magdalena Word-Beginning In the beginning Blood Power Six Days Heavens Gates Cleansing

Gallery 2011/01

new_priesthood old_priesthood The Hill of Incense Doves Eyes Bride Today Reflection of Father

Gallery 2010/02

Bruised Reed2 The Chosen One Be free Shout for joy A light Honored Invite

Gallery 2010/01

The Intercessor The Famine Amos The Custodian Hosea The old man Heaven to earth Latter Rain

Gallery 2009/03

Prisoner Seed Sunrise Pillar of fire In Union

Gallery 2009/02

Oppressed Lazarus Creation Act Self Sacrifice Encounter Relationship Companion Ascension

Gallery 2009/01

Gethsemane Resurrection act Untouchable The two witnesses Man, where are you Opposing Worlds Move The known unknown Transition

Gallery 2008/04

The Emmaus Travelers Freedom without bounderies Cut out stone Baptism of fire The elect Raised Purified gold

Gallery 2008/03

Enoch walked with God Pentecost Treasure Obliterated Tabernacle Shake-Up Face to face The door Refreshed In Christ Oneness

Gallery 2008/02

Presentation Deliverance Inner touch He is not here Not of this world Night Beside a stream Beside a stream 2 Promises Blazing furnace

Gallery 2008/01

Remember your Creator Holy Ground Royal Priesthood Fiery Chariot Kingdom Prayer The Revelation Churches You are with me Quiet Pools Spirit from God Assembly Prayer

Gallery 2007/03

New Years eve House on the Rock Jacob's ladder Finished Whom do you seek?02 Church ship Enjoyment Crossing the Jordan

Gallery 2007/02

Three wise man Hearts desire Sleep on Whom do you seek? Stephen's death Glory to God The fruit of the Spirit Peter's betrayal

Gallery 2007/01

Grace-Gift Let light be Redemption without Repentance The woman at the well The woman at the well 2 The woman at the well 3 The Ecclessia The Word The way out Anointed Behind the veil Outside the Camp Emerging Truth

The Prodigals 01

Muslim Friend Daybreak The me of self Baptism Gracebow Whirling Dance devouring Fire Whole Worship dividing apart testimony Saved

The Prodigals 02

The Aftermath Beslan  Regenerated man  Unregenerated man

The Beatitudes

Blessed are the poor in spirit Blessed are those who mourn Blessed are the meek Blessed are who do what God requires Blessed are the merciful Blessed are the pure in heart Blessed who work for peace Blessed are the persecuted Blessed when insulted Be blessed and glad The salt of the earth

The Song of Songs (Solomon)

The Shulamite The Wakeup Call The Awakening The Hiding Place The King The Garden Man of Sorrows

The Hebrew Covenants

The Promise Original Covenant Replacement Covenant The New Covenant

The Lord's Prayer

Our Father Hallowed be Your name Your Kingdom come Thy will be done Daily bread As we forgive... Delivered...

Revelation 01

Warfare Fruitful The narrow gate Holyness Persecution Remoulding The Bruised Reed The Aftermath Resurrection valley

Revelation 02

Transfiguration Rejection Lonelyness Hades Visit Approaching judgement Despised The man between the myrtle trees

Revelation 03

The Redemptive Circle Surrender Religion/Faith Christ-Life The Kingdom The Power The Glory The Glass Sea The Rapture The day of the Lord

Prayer 01

Who touched Me Prayer Altar Desperation Prayer Jeremiah's Prayer Jeremiah Prayer Focus The Gentle Touch Prayer Warrior

Prayer 02

Watchman Child's Prayer Hannahs Sunday Monday intercessory prayer

Psalms 01

Heights River His Salvation Salvation He Is Coming Rest Healing Celebration

Psalms 02

Where we meet Praise Outcry Healed Crowned Satisfied

Psalms 03

Prayer of Praise Harmony The Chosen At Peace Dawn Afflicted Blessing Dependence

Psalms 04

Remembrance Secure Upheld Prayer for mercy Peace be within you Protected I lift my eyes Prayer for help


Fellowship Separation redemption Consecration


You're Special Communion Inner Healing Cleansing Light Set Apart Passion Abide

4 Women

Elisabeth Mary the favored Mary dedicated Mary Magdalena

Early "Church"/ Gathering

Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira Sardis Philadelphia Laodicea


Christ..The Way Christ..The Truth Christ..The Life Christ..The resurrection


Ressurection Gathering Act of Faith Released Rise Up Different Purpose Grace for Grace Grace and Truth

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Monsma's expressionist Christian art...... painting the unseen!

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