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   " The Christ inspired art presented in this website aims to be an expression of the Christ presence from within. A living account of a new found freedom encased in dependency, liberty rooted in obedience."

Cornelis Monsma


Art has always been a major attraction in my life, and although I never enjoyed any formal art-education, I never felt restricted by the absence of it.
I found myself reaching for more freedom in expression, which resulted in a move towards a more dreamy abstract-type of painting with bright colors.
At this stage we also decided to move to New Zealand with our family.

Like many other fellow christians, I started out with a well meaning attitude of "wanting to do my part" for the Christ who gave so much for me. I ended up however, finding "me" wanting, and I found that Christ doing His part Himself through me, was the only fruitful situation to be in.

Also the constant battle to keep alive "the child within", which enables me to look outside the square, teaches me to stoop down to simplicity and always provides me with a sense of wonder.
Losing these capabilities would be the death knell of the creativity within me.

There is still a lot of development and discovery ahead in the Lord's arts-walk with me, knowing that He who leads encourages me to reach for more.
In that knowledge I carry on and enjoy everything I undertake.


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  What others write about Monsma's art.

"Frequently regarded as blissfully unaware and displaced from reality, some spiritually inspiring art is seen as tasteless or fully dismissed as ordinary and ignorant. If religious in nature, preconceptions often hinder the audience from fully realizing the potential effect of the art.

Although directly using terminology associated with Christianity, perhaps limiting those willing to remain open to his intentions, Cornelis Monsma states that, True (contemporary) Christian art is not a picture of religious divinity but rather an expression of the Christ presence from within.

One can see that, in word, Monsma ties his work directly to his spiritual belief system; however, in essence, the work, which he intends to be spiritually inspirational to all his potential audience, is not tied to any one religion, but is an expression of the artist's own spirituality through his belief system."

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Monsma's expressionist Christian art......
painting the unseen!

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